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blueeyedcherry gives you a snapshot of great storytelling with Twenty Pictures Edward Cullen Took by Taneva Rose

High school; a time some remember fondly while others choose to never look back. Edward Cullen is Forks High School's resident photographer for the school yearbook. He seems like your average senior, but he has a secret—his camera can read minds. 

I read this as a WIP, after Taneva hooked me with her incredible story Blessed are the Forgetful (which was pulled not long after its completion). This was one of those fics that updated practically every day, and I would check FFN obsessively to see if a new chapter was available or not. Unlike other stories I've read, Twenty Pictures Edward Cullen Took doesn't necessarily follow a precise plot line. Instead, each chapter focuses on a different character and provides readers with a snapshot of how each character views certain experiences, situations, and people. The way Taneva wrote the story makes it work, different as it may be, and I found that after a few chapters I wasn't looking for a storyline of sorts anymore, but I was instead looking forward to reading about the next character's set of thoughts. 

Twenty Pictures Edward Cullen Took draws out so many emotions in a mere 21 chapters. Some chapters made me giggle, some pissed me off, and others left me feeling for the characters involved. One of my favorite things about this story was that I never knew which direction the author would take me in. One chapter might make me laugh while the one immediately following tugged at my heart. 

Taneva does a lovely job of breathing life into her characters with such short chapters. Each snapshot paints a picture of who these people are and shines light on bits and pieces of the experiences that brought the characters to where they are present day. Taneva also isn't afraid to stray from canon characteristics, giving some of her characters new and different traits that actually made me fall a bit more in love with them than I did with Stephenie Meyer's original cast (isn't that the beauty of fanfic though?). 

If you're looking for a short and easy read that's well-written and complete, give this one a try. And then come back here and tell us what you thought. :)

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WitchyVampireGirl hits one out of the park with Designated Hitter by esmegrace

I thought that it was only fitting that for my first “Something New” post I’d pay homage to the World Series and highlight Designated Hitter by esmegrace. This is a sweet, wonderfully written story about the choices we make based on our preconceived notions and the consequences of those choices.
The story opens with Bella who is toward the tail end of her fellowship in sports medicine at Baylor with an eye on her dream job as a permanent doctor at the clinic once it ends. It’s a job that she’s worked hard and long for, and made many sacrifices to get where she is. Right away you see how driven she is, almost to the point of obsession and single-mindedness. You also get a glimpse into her biggest sacrifice, Edward Masen.
Edward we learn is a star MLB pitcher who has just been traded to the Houston Astros from Atlanta. Much to Bella’s dismay, he walks into the clinic she is working at to help him rehab an elbow injury. Seeing him is a shock to Bella, one she doesn’t handle very well. As the first chapter progresses, we begin to get a sense for the history between these two, almost to the point exquisite tension. Instead, when it ends you’re left with an acute sense of pain and longing.
Of course, after the first chapter is where the author does something that I rarely get to see in a story—you get to read the backstory. Too often when there is an intense backstory, we get it in snippets and flashbacks. But esmegrace made the wise and refreshing choice to take you back to the beginning. In essence it’s a story within a story.
Chapters 2 through 10 esmegrace takes you through Edward and Bella’s first meeting and their inevitable romance. You see that Bella has always been driven, except at this point she is in Baylor medical school with an eye on getting her degree and taking the necessary steps toward her dream job. Edward is an underclassman baseball player who is full of life, fun, and spontaneity. All the things Bella feels she doesn’t have the time for.
Their whirlwind and intense story begins during a break Bella has between semesters. It’s a rare break for Bella, one where she plans on spending studying and getting ready for upcoming classes. Alice, in true cannon fashion, wheedles and cajoles Bella into attending a party being given by Alice’s younger sister who is attending Rice University. Of course Bella relents, and we watch as she tries to fit into a crowd she already feels too old to be a part of.
I’m sure you’ve guessed it—at this party is where she meets Edward and nothing is ever the same. Edward charms and disarms Bella with his persistence, crooked smile, and general sweetness. They bond over their mutual love of baseball, most notably the Astros and the Rice baseball team, of which Edward is a member. While the attraction is evident from the start, Bella fights it tooth and nail.
Why does she fight it? Age. I know. It seems a rather simplistic issue, and with them both in college one would think the age difference wouldn’t matter. But to Bella it does matter, a great deal. It is around this issue where esmegrace paints a vivid picture about this Bella; one that helps you understand that while there is only a four year difference between them, for Bella it feels like the Grand Canyon separates them.
Edward, sensing Bella’s apprehension, works his charm and takes baby steps to get Bella spend time with him. With them both on a break between semesters, they end up spending lots of time together with Bella rationalizing that once school starts up, they will part ways and all will be well. Yet, as we all know, the heart wants what it wants and well, Bella’s heart wants Edward, even if she refuses to acknowledge it. As the start of the school year draws near, we feel Bella’s reluctance and resignation to the end of their relationship. I won’t give away what happens, but I will say it left me feeling both were to blame.
When we rejoin the story in present day, we watch as they both struggle with the 6 year time gap and how both of them have been changed irrevocably by what transpired between them. We see that Bella and Edward were not the only victims, and that new players have come in to draw lines in the sand as to where and with whom they stand.
Currently the story stand at 16 chapters with a total of word count close to 80,000 words. I await each update eagerly waiting hoping for that moment when Edward and Bella realize that while it’s been six years, the feelings between them haven’t diminiished in the least.
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WitchyVampireGirl digs up some fic magic with Angel in the Attic by Leola Mae
Have you ever loved a story, lost it and then rediscovered it not knowing at first you had read it already? That happened to me with Angel in the Attic by Leola Mae. I had read it when she published it under fetishfanfic. I had the PDF and then in a computer melt down, lost it. In a fic dive I had done, I rediscovered that she was reposting some of her stories, and when I found Angel in the Attic, I was ecstatic. Even better, I got to read it as a WIP while she reposted it.
Angel is a unique take on the whole mate aspect. In this story, we see that Alice gets a vision of Edward’s mate and the joy he feels at this news is indescribable. He is beyond elated, is overjoyed, and is instantly smitten with his mate. While Alice’s vision of her is hazy, the part that is absolutely clear is their wedding. Its so clear that they mistakenly believe that it will happen soon. They ascertain that they need to be in Forks and they move there almost immediately. When the weeks and months go by without Edward having any clue as to who or where his mate may be, he becomes anxious and worried.
To help ease the wait, Edward begins to write her love letters, declaring his undying love and devotion to his nameless and faceless mate. In a moment of frustration, Edward takes a walk where he ends up in the backyard of a small house where he is assaulted by an aroma that calls to him. 
 Unfortunately, what he discovers is that his mate isn’t vampire, but a human baby. 
What happens next is a poignant story of devotion, sacrifice and the undying power of love. Leola Mae takes the best aspects of mating and imprinting and weaves them into a story so mesmerizing and heart-warming, you’ll have a hard time putting it down. It is a story you will find yourself re-reading when in need of a reminder that love comes in many forms.
Until next time, look for the magic in everyday life!

blueeyedcherry brings out the angst with No Beginning and No End by TheFicChick 

I'm pretty sure I forewarned everyone last week that I have a love of angst. And, well, this one is one of those sock-you-in-the-gut-repeatedly-until-you-can't-breathe-anymore kind of angsty stories. 

TheFicChick knows how to write things that hurt. This particular piece is merely a one shot, but in 5400 short words she pulled my heart out, slammed it in a blender, and then reassembled it, only to tear it out and step on it again in the end. 

No Beginning and No End focuses on Edward and Bella's relationship, and the chain of events that breakdown the strong ties that once bound them. What starts as a happy coupling is disrupted by a situation that no husband and wife could ever hope to find themselves facing. And as that situation passes, another dark and painful situation arises, one that has the potential to break their bond forever. 

I won't include any precise details in here, because I don't want to spoil this for anyone, and since it's a one shot it's even easier for me to spoil than other stories. I will say that you'll want to have something filled with unicorns shitting out sunshine and rainbows lined up as a chaser for this, because it's pretty freaking heavy and there are some dark themes going on here. 

TheFicChick's writing, as always, is beautiful and vivid, two of the reasons she's one of my favorite authors in the fandom. Head on over and check this one out if you're looking for something that's hard on the angst. 

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Music Monday - Perry Farrell (@perryfarrell)

Music Monday: Reloaded continues as we work our way through artists from the Twilight soundtrack, exploring other songs and albums they've released. Perry Farrell is the featured artist this week. His song "Go All the Way (Into the Twilight)" appeared on the film's soundtrack. A few interesting bits of information on Farrell: he started out with the band Jane's Addiction and was the group's frontman. He also started Lollapalooza.

Farrell has been involved in numerous music projects, doing solo work and starting another group, Porno for Pyros, which played during the 90s.

Check out Perry's song "Our Song" below! There's also a video from Jane's Addiction and Porno for Pyros, cause both bands are awesome and Farrell had a hand in their success.

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Check out his Official Facebook Page!

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Fabulous Fic Rec Friday

Welcome to Fabulous Fic Rec Friday, the newest feature here at RobNation.org. Each Friday I (Nikki, aka blueeyedcherry in the fanfic world) will team up with my good friend Joey (aka WitchyVampireGirl in the fanfic world) to bring you a set of fic recs, author interviews, character interviews, and much more. 

Each post will feature four key elements:
Something Old is a rec from one of us for a completed fic.
Something New is a rec from one of us for a WIP that we're currently in love with. 
Something Witchy is a rec especially from WitchyVampireGirl. 
Something Blu is a rec especially from blueeyedcherry. 

We also welcome guest recommendations from our site visitors who happen to read fanfic. If you have a story that you'd like to rec, send an email to me at nikki@robnation.org and we can chat! 

Without further ado, let's kick off the fic rec fun! 

WitchyVampireGirl presents an oldie but goodie, Ithaca is Gorges by Giselle-lx

They say you never forget your "first"; first kiss, first love, the first time you…well, you know. Such is the same with your very first fanfic story. I found my first story by accident. I was looking for continuations of Midnight Sun fics and stumbled upon Ithaca is Gorges. 
From the first chapter I was hooked—insanely hooked. Even now as I sit and write this, I can remember how my heart beat with every word I read. I was in agony, danced with happiness, and swam in sadness. When it was over, I wanted to read it all again.
It’s a beautifully written story told from both Edward and Carlisle’s points of view during the time of New Moon. It doesn’t rehash the party or the aftermath of Edward leaving. Instead, it begins with the family already in Ithaca, and right from the start you sense the emotional turmoil that exists from Edward’s choice. As the story unfolds, you begin to see that no one in the Cullen family escaped the consequences of that decision.
As the story progresses we watch as Carlisle drowns in his own guilt and sadness, which causes him to pull away from everyone, even the woman he loves in order to cope. He throws all his time and energy into treating a sick little boy. He loses himself in the battle for this little boy’s life to the point of obsession. In this we see that Carlisle is far from the perfect patriarch portrayed. In fact, we see his flaws, and in them we see his humanity.
In Edward’s chapters we see the same self-loathing man we’ve come to love. But the twist comes in that it highlights the unique and complex relationship Edward has with Carlisle. Edward loses himself in his grief and pain over leaving Bella, to the point of a vampire melt down. It was almost too painful to watch Edward’s slow descent into himself. He becomes a sad version of a bat in a belfry as he wedges himself into the darkest corner of the house.
But, like I mentioned before, we don’t just see the effects that fateful party had on Edward and Carlisle, but on the family as a whole. I hung on every word and felt Esme’s confusion and loss as she watched her husband slip through her fingers. But even worse than that, we watch her struggle to keep her family together, even if that means asking Edward to leave.
This story is an emotional rollercoaster from the start and in my very humble opinion, it is one of the better EPOV of New Moon fics out there. It doesn’t gloss over the pain and consequences, nor does it trivialize them. It paints a highly realistic possibility of that time between when Edward left and when he was reunited with Bella. I promise it will be one story you’ll be happy you read.
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blueeyedcherry presents a WIP she's in love with, One Day by RueForRegret
*cue music from the Pet Shop Boys*
In all honesty, every time I listen to "West End Girls," I think about this fic, and I'm instantly a pile of mush and all smiles and everything else good in life. I stumbled upon this one when I was perusing through Facebook groups and saw it recommended. I haven't read too many fics where Edward and Bella are older adults with almost-adult children themselves, so this was somewhat new territory for me. I wasn't quite sure which direction Rue was going to take us in, but by the end of the first chapter, I was hooked. I wanted to know everything there was to know about all of the goodies in the envelope Bella kept hidden in the basement crawlspace. 
Man oh man, did I ever find out about those goodies—and so much more! 
By the second chapter we're transported back to 1984, which happens to be the year Bella got her first taste of love in the form of Edward Cullen. She's going through a rebellious streak while at the same time trying to maintain some semblance of innocence. He's good looking, charming, witty, and experienced—add that up and you have the perfect boy to try and nab that innocence from her. The Canadian National Exhibition and one tricked out 1980s teenage boy bedroom set the stage for young love, but don't think for a minute that Rue makes it easy on these kids. Their time together is lighthearted and fun, but it's also short lived, because the cards just aren't meant to play out correctly for the young lovebirds.  At least not in the 80s...
Rue leads us back to the present day, but not after squeezing and kicking our hearts around a bit. Bella's teenage, tech-savvy daughter is more than happy to help her do some Internet stalking, and as soon as they find present-day Edward, Bella's heart starts beating for him again. 
I don't want to spoil the story for anyone, so I won't provide more details than I have already. I will say that the author takes readers on an incredible journey. When I first started reading One Day, I used it as relief from the extremely hard angst I was experiencing with another story. I'd read a chapter here and a chapter there, but eventually I gave in and read everything that was posted in one big streak. I couldn't put it down and I didn't want to either. I laughed out loud, cried happy and not-so-happy tears, banged my fist on the table a few times, and found myself swooning left and right. 
There's currently 35 chapters of the story posted. The updates are sporadic, but there's only one chapter left, which is the epilogue. If you're looking for a fun and easy read that will capture your emotions and keep you hanging on every word, then by all means go and read this story. 
Story Links:
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WitchyVampireGirl shares one of her favorite witchy fics, Elemental by TallulahBelle
So I figured for the first post from the something Witchy corner I would focus on…well…something witchy! I’m not sure if I’m the only fanfic reader who does this, but I read in genre spurts. First is may be all vamps or all human, then high school, then college fics...you get the idea. Well, I decided that I wanted to look up fics where Bella or maybe Edward was a witch. Unfortunately, while there are about 300 fics out there that deal with witches in the Twilight world, not many of them are complete or captured my attention. All except one; Elemental by TallulahBelle.
Right from the start this story grabbed me and kept me entertained the whole way through. It starts off when Bella and her family return back to Forks, as they are needed to fulfill their family’s role in protecting a powerful source of power. It is there where Bella learns that a little game she played as a child is really her magical powers. In fact, Bella is one of the most powerful Earth Witches Forks has ever seen.
This story has so many cool elements; the supernatural, a great storyline and plot, drama, romance and all our favorite characters. It’s complete at 30 chapters and an engaging read from start to finish. I encourage you to give this amazing story a read.
Until next time, look for the magic in every day life!

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blueeyedcherry tears your heart out with an angsty treat, Under the Apple Tree by Danieller123

As Witchy mentioned above, we always remember our first. While Under the Apple Tree technically wasn't my first fic ever, it was in the first small grouping of fics that the friend who dragged me into this world sent me, and so it will forever have a place in my memory—and in my angst-loving heart. 

I love angst (I know, just mentioned that). I love it when an author rips my heart out. I am an angst h00r to the max. What else do I love? Damaged characters, especially when the author provides a good reason for their current plight. Well, this Edward and Bella are both damaged; Edward from his previous marriage, and Bella from her childhood. She's a stripper, he's a doctor. She's been on her own for a while, he's always been well taken care of. They come from opposite sides of the track, and when their paths meet, they set off down a long and winding journey, filled with self-discovery, pain, and healing.

Danieller123 writes beautifully, infusing the darkest of moments with small silver linings and bits and pieces of hope. One of my favorite things about this story is that nobody gets an easy way out. Edward does a lot for Bella by providing her with a place to stay and a steady income, but he doesn't treat her like a charity case or simply hand her the means to fix things. He makes her work for things and is insistent that she get to the core of the problems and work through that rather than slapping a bandaid on a gaping emotional wound and calling it a day. Edward doesn't get a basket of candy and rainbows handed to him either. Instead, he's forced to face his demons, learn how to trust, and learn how to mold a relatively undesirable set of circumstances into something bigger and better.

There are dark and heavy themes in this story, but as I said before, there are also bits and pieces of hope, and some moments that will put a big smile on your face. 

This story is no longer available on the popular fanfic sites, but check below for a link to Danieller123's blog for the story. If you're looking for a well-written and powerful story, look no further and check out Under the Apple Tree.

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