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Fabulous Fic Rec Friday

WitchyVampireGirl presents Snapshots by LyricakKris

If there is anything you’ll eventually learn about me, is that recently, I’ve become a fic snob. I’m no longer content with the same old same old. I don’t want to know how the story will go simply by reading the summary. I want to be engaged, surprised, and without a wimpy Bella in sight. Those kinds of fics are hard to find. But when I do find one, I treasure it. I found such a story in Snapshots by LyricalKris.
If you’re looking for a romance story, this isn’t it.
If you’re looking for fluff and warm fuzzies, this story isn’t for you.
If you want humor and crazy situations, move on.
What you’ll get with this story is gritty, angsty, raw emotion. You’ll vacillate between crying, cheering and being as pissed as you could ever be. But in the end, you’ll feel purged, humbled and maybe a little appreciative.
Right from the opening paragraph, LyricalKris gabs you by the nuts and refuses to let go. We watch as Edward comes home to Bella, his wife, only to spot an innocuous envelope sitting on the table. As Edward’s stomach falls to the floor, we feel his pain. Those envelopes represent so much not only to Edward, but Bella. You see, they come from Jasper, who has been MIA for the last three years. The only communication he has with anyone, is a single envelope with a picture.
The pictures, you learn, can be anything—places, other people, or items that capture emotion. They are all taken by Jasper, who is parts unknown. Each picture is filled with emotion; not only what Jasper is feeling, but how each member of the family feels when they learn another pictured has arrived. But in this opening chapter, it’s just not a picture, but a simple letter—Jasper is coming home.
What happens next is a ride unlike anything else I’ve ever read. You soon learn that while Edward and Bella are married, they weren’t always a couple. In fact, when Jasper left, Bella was his girl. Adding to the drama, you also learn that the little girl Edward calls his, is biologically Jasper’s. That’s right folks, Jasper left Bella with a baby while Edward, who always harbored a secret crush on Bella, stepped in to support her.
Can you feel the angst?
But while you may feel things are cut and dry, you soon learn they are anything but. What follows next is a wonderful journey of forgiveness, family, love, and redemption. Each character from parents Carlisle and Esme, to brothers Edward, Emmett, and Jasper, are flawed and imperfect. While the others seem to rise above their demons, we learn how Jasper was unable to do to that, and instead he fall prey to his addiction.
You see, Jasper is back home to mend the bridges he left in crumbling shambles when his drug addiction took him from everything and everyone who ever loved him. We listen to his harrowing and dark story of drugs and despair. How he fought against death every time a needle entered his body.
We discover the power of the absolute love that Edward has for Bella, even when he felt Jasper didn’t deserve her. We cheer his faithfulness and selfishness as he supports Bella and her frail newborn infant in their darkest hours. And finally, cheer when his greatest dream of being with Bella is realized.
Carlisle and Esme are portrayed as realistic parents, watching a loved one struggle with addiction. Sometimes the choices they made did more harm than good, but it all came from a place of love. While they accept and rejoice Jasper’s return, they also have unresolved feelings about his departure. What follows is their struggle to forgive both themselves and Jasper.
Most touching of all, is the complicated dynamic that exists between Bella, Jasper and the child he didn’t know he had. There are so many open, bleeding wounds that each chapter throbs with the pain. But you also sense the tiny amount of healing that takes place. Bella needs to find a place to forgive, while Jasper realizes he has a ton more to atone for.
I don’t want to give away how it all plays out. But suffice to say, it is a story that you will start reading and be unable to stop until reach the end. Have a box of Kleenex nearby and maybe a soft blanket to bring you comfort when it gets intense, you’ll need them.
Story Link:

blueeyedcherry presents Sleeping Angel by BlueIsSoul

I love when I open a story and there are palpable, strong emotions that come right out and grab me in the very first chapter. And, that's exactly what happened when I started reading Sleeping Angel by BlueIsSoul.

Surprise surprise!!! Another angst story from Cherry. (Is this really a surprise? I'm an emotional masochist it seems....) When Sleeping Angel opens up, we find Edward and Bella in their apartment. Edward is searching for his wedding band, which has gone missing, while Bella stars blankly at the TV, watching but not watching whatever programming happens to be on. The whole mood is dark and sad, and we soon discover that Edward's wedding ring isn't missing, but that Bella has hidden it from him. There isn't a very clear reason for her actions at first; it simply seems like she deems herself unworthy of Edward and his affection, and is therefore trying to get him to make the move and end their marriage. As the story progresses, we start to find out more and more details about their courtship and the years leading up to the present day, and one by one the pieces behind Bella's current state of emotional despair start to fall into place. 

Each chapter consists of a scene from the present followed by a flashback to old times. I enjoy how BlueIsSoul has chosen to write the story, because instead of making us wait chapter upon chapter to really understand what put Bella where she's at, we're given answers almost immediately. And for me, this helped to create some empathy for her. The situation that Bella and Edward went through is one that neither of them can hold themselves responsible for, yet Bella has taken on all the blame, piling it on her shoulders and letting it push her down to the point where she's drowning. And Edward, no matter how hard he tries, just can't seem to be the life preserver she needs to keep afloat at this point in time.

This Edward ... I feel so deeply for him. He's done nothing to deserve the way his wife is treating him, but he loves her—god, does he love her—and so he sticks by her, through thick and thin, for better or for worse. At least he does so far, that is. There's only 8 chapters of this one posted, and the author hasn't given an indication as to how long it's going to be, so I'm not exactly sure where she'll take us on this ride or what she's going to put these characters through.

It's been a while since this one updated as well, so if you're looking for something that updates on a consistent schedule, this might not be the read for you. However, if you're like me, you can and will wait patiently for updates, and trust me, this one is well worth the wait. 

Story Link:

WitchyVampireGirl's presents The Courtyard by Latessitrice

I’ve mentioned before that I tend to read in genre or theme spurts. In my early fic reading days, I loved looking for alternate universe stories, especially ones relating to New Moon. Out of all the ones I’ve read, The Courtyard by Latessitrice is the best.
It begins right at the moment when Bella runs into Edward just as he was going to step into the sun. As Edward wraps his arms around his one true love, he instantly believes, like in the book, that he has died and that Bella was waiting for him. However, this is where the author takes a turn from the book. A very sweet, lemony, sexy turn. So enthralled in their reunion kiss, Edward lets his more lusty desires take control. Bella, to her credit, does try to tell him they aren’t dead and in heaven. But with Edward macking all over her, she soon succumbs to Edwards attentions. Can you blame her?
What happens next is a wonderfully crafted love scene that blends realistic sex with true romance. There is a perfect balance between the act and the emotions that are swirling in Bella as she realizes that Edward is finally going to be giving her the type of physical relationship she has always wanted. When is all said and done, you can almost taste the tangible change in them both. Bella finally feels the love Edward has for her, while Edward sheds his stiff upbringing.
What comes next is how they develop their new intimate relationship and where they go from there. Alice of course lends her opinion, informing them both that she sees Bella’s change and it will occur soon. While cannon Edward would take this information and do his best to change it, this Edward realizes that Bella is his forever. Gone is the brooding, emo vampire. In his place is a mature man who understands that a relationship is a partnership. He no longer tries to dominate Bella and dictate how things should be. Now, that’s not to say he doesn’t remind Bella she has options, but when she makes her choice to join him in forever, he accepts and does what he can to ease her transition.
Another wonderful part to this story is that the author explores the natural consequences to the choices Bella makes. There is the fall out with Jake when he realizes that she is back with Edward, which in turns creates tension in the pack. There is saying goodbye to her parents when Bella realizes that she can’t stay in their lives after her change. There is even a slight twist with Renee’s acceptance that Bella and Edward are getting married.
Of course the drama isn’t limited to Bella and her immediate circle. Mysterious deaths are plaguing Seattle and when the Cullen’s begin to look into it, it stars to look like the works of vampires. The trouble is, they can’t find the ones responsible, which of course worries them. No one wants the Volturi to come so close to Forks and the Cullens.  While I won’t give away what going on, I will tell you that it is rather unique twist that will keep you guessing till the end.
At 15 chapters, this is a quick and fun read that will keep you smiling and thoroughly entertained. It’s perfect to read on a cold winter night with a comfy blanket and a cup of tea.
Until next time, look for the magic in everyday life!
 Story Link:

blueeyedcherry presents The Consequence of Miracles by Travis Birkenstock
I probably should have rec'd this fic immediately when we started doing Fabulous Fic Rec Friday here. It's honestly my favorite fic of them all for 2014. I haven't yet gone back to re-read it, but the idea was brought up by one of my favorite ladies in the little chat group I initially read it with, so I'm thinking I'll be returning to it in the near future. This is another angsty one—more angsty than anything I've ever read. This week for something blu, I present The Consequence of Miracles by Travis Birkenstock. 
Edward and Bella are in high school, Edward is the town baseball star, and they're lost in the throes of teenage love and experimentation and everything else that comes with growing up. They have a tight knit group of friends—each of whom has a distinctly different personality—and really, they're just your typical small town kids. Things seem great ... until Edward doesn't come home one night. People search for him and search for him, but nobody has any luck. It's as if he disappeared into thin air. Bella is broken hearted, their friends are confused, and his absence rocks not only their social circle, but the rest of the town too. Bella tries to learn how to live without him; how to forget all the plans she'd made with this boy she loved, and how to make new plans with Jacob who, like in the original series, is there to swoop in and make her feel better. And just when it seems like things might be returning to a state that somewhat resembles normalcy ... Edward Cullen comes back.
What follows Edward's return is a deep, dark, heartbreaking story. This fic contains VERY dark, VERY disturbing, and VERY intense adult content. It's not something I would recommend if you're easily triggered by sensitive subject matter (though none of it is discussed in detail). This isn't a story that's about sunshine and roses and finding a happily ever after somewhere among the rubble. It's about exactly what the title alludes to: the consequences we must face when a miracle we ask for comes to fruition. 
This is an incredibly written fic that will surely grab your emotions and get you so far wrapped inside of it that you won't know which end is up. I was so emotionally invested in this when it posted as a WIP. The weekends were torture because there weren't updates, and the moments leading up to an update were just as torturous, because I'd dread what was coming and wonder if the next chapter would hurt as much as the previous one had. I actually got sick a few times while reading, which some might see as a weird thing but honestly, if an author can invoke that strong of a reaction from his or her readers, well ... then to me, that sets them apart as a damn good one. 
If you like angst—HARD HARD angst—and if you like stories that are realistic in terms of the content, aftermath, and actions/reactions of characters, then I would absolutely recommend checking this one out. And if you need support while reading it, well, find me on Facebook and I'll hold your hand along the way (I'm Rhiannon St Clair over there). 
Until next time....
Story Link:
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