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Zac Efron feat. Ashley Tisdale 'ALS Ice Bucket Challenge' good job!!

TIFF NEWS TIFF 2014: RDJ, Pacino, Denzel, RPatz and Cumberbatch headed to Toronto

'It's a really wonderful list of established A-listers and the younger generation of actors,' TIFF co-director Piers Handling says

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may not be coming back this year, but that does not mean the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival will be devoid of major celebrities. In fact, this year’s guest list is power-packed with Oscar-winning veterans and a new breed of emerging stars.
“I think there is a new generation that is beginning to challenge and replace the generation that you and I grew up with,” TIFF co-director Piers Handling said in an interview as the festival released its tentative guest list on Tuesday. It is tentative because last-minute changes may delete names, or add new ones, as actors and directors adjust their schedules around film shoots
Naming Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino and Richard Gere, Handling said “these A-listers still have huge reputations. But these A-listers belong to our generation and they don’t have quite the same currency with the new generation as they used to with ours. Then you have this group of young stars who are just beginning to appear in strong, interesting work. So the festival has to totally reinvent itself in that way and keep its finger on the pulse of new work and new talent.
“I mean, I couldn’t be happier. It’s a really wonderful, well-balanced list of both the really established A-listers who have won a lot of Oscars and the younger generation of actors who are just beginning to reap the rewards of their work.”
Here is our highly selective list of the veterans and the new breed coming to TIFF 2014:
• Dustin Hoffman (7 Oscar noms, two wins)
• Al Pacino (8 Oscar noms, one win)
• Richard Gere (incredibly perhaps, no Oscar action)
• Diane Keaton (4 Oscar noms, 1 win)
• Denzel Washington (6 Oscar noms, 2 wins)
• Robert Duvall (6 Oscar noms, 1 win)
• Reese Witherspoon (1 Oscar nom, 1 win)
• Robert Downey Jr. (2 Oscar noms, no wins, but he is currently the best-paid actor in the world)
• John Travolta (2 Oscar noms, no wins but continues to reinvent and re-launch himself)
• Jane Fonda (7 Oscar noms, 2 wins)
• Chris Evans (the Avengers superhero turns to directing)
• Sam Worthington (this Avatar co-star also gets serious)
• Felicity Jones (generating buzz after The Amazing Spider-Man 2)
• Sarah Gadon (local Toronto gal continues to impress internationally)
• Robert Pattinson (the Twilight co-star eager for a substantial career)
• Dax Shepard (in The Judge, he wants to prove he has more than comedy chops)
• Gemma Arterton (not just gorgeous but talented, too)
• Haley Joel Osment (the kid from The Sixth Sense is a young adult)
• Daniel Bruhl (this Spaniard is acclaimed for his acting skills in several languages)
• Chloe Grace Moretz (she can do more than Kick-Ass)
Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, Steve Carell, Salma Hayek, Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet, Bill Murray, Simon Pegg, Christopher Plummer, Benicio Del Toro, Michael Douglas, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley, Julianne Moore, Michael Moore, Hayden Christensen, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jon Stewart and the sublimely witty Bill Nighy.

'Maps to the Stars' Release Date, Cast & Trailer: Robert Pattinson Shares Steamy Kiss With Mia Wasikowska

Robert Pattinson is trying his best to shake off his "Twilight" image and a movie like "Maps To The Stars" is definitely going to get him in that direction.
The film focuses on the darker side of Hollywood celebrity culture where Pattinson, 28, plays a limo driver who gets his fair share of action. In the new trailer of David Cronenberg's film, Pattinson shares a passionate kiss with co-star, Mia Wasikowska, who plays the character of Agatha Weiss.
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In the trailer shown below, we see "The Hunger Games" actress, Julianne Moore, visibly upset as she sits listening to a voice message telling her that a part has been given to someone else. She chucks the photo in anger and yells in frustration.
The video gives a good preview of the madness in Hollywood and it's trickling effects on the individuals who live in the culture, writes The Independent. The story is centered on the Weiss family, a Hollywood dynasty and the film gives us a glimpse of the dysfunctional lives and relationships that surround their home.
As a limo driver, Pattinson's character dreams of making it big in Hollywood and "was inspired by screenplay writer Bruce Wagner's own experiences when starting out in Hollywood," reported the news site.
"Jerome would never accept that he is just a limo driver. I think he feels he's just waiting for his break," quoted The Independent of Pattinson who spoke about his role.
Cronenberg and Pattinson have already worked together, their first being 2012's "Cosmopolis."
The plot of the film is as follows: "The Weiss family are an archetypical Hollywood dynasty - Dr Stafford Weiss (John Cusack) is a psychotherapist whose self-help books have made him a fortune. His wife Cristina (Olivia Williams) is the overbearing mom-ager of their thirteen-year old son, Benjie (Evan Bird), a prodigious child star fresh out of drug rehab and their estranged daughter Agatha (Mia Wasikowska) has recently been released from a psychiatric hospital. Agatha is now back in Hollywood making friends with a wannabe actor/writer limo driver named Jerome (Robert Pattinson) and with a new job as PA to one of Stafford's clients - the neurotic and tempestuous actress Havana Segrand (Julianne Moore), whose dream of reprising her dead mother's starring role from the 1960s is beginning to haunt her."
See Pattinson, Wasikowska, Moore and John Cusack in "Maps To The Stars" which will hit theaters on September 27th in the United States. It will be released in U.K. cinemas on September 26th.
To see the new trailer released on Aug. 14, click the jump below:   Source

Watch the first five minutes of The Rover

Following on from its UK release this past Friday, Entertainment One has posted the first five minutes of David Michod’s The Rover online, and we have it for you here after the official synopsis…
Set in the near future, the world of THE ROVER is one where mankind’s greed and excesses have pushed civilization to the breaking point.
With society in decline, the rule of law has disintegrated and life is cheap. Hardened loner Eric (Guy Pearce) travels the desolate towns and roads of the scorched and dangerous Australian outback. When a brutal gang of thieves steals his car and only remaining possession, they leave behind the wounded Rey (Robert Pattinson) in their wake. Forcing Rey to help track the gang, Eric gives chase.
Determined beyond reason, unrelenting in the pursuit of his prey, Eric will go to any lengths to take back the one thing that matters to him.

Music Monday: Joe Walsh - Ordinary Average Guy

Yes Rob I think of you every time I hear this song......It is a personal favorite-Shellie <3

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